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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Jennie's Last Knit-In

Sadly, last Tuesday was Jennie's last time at Ann Arbor Knit-In, because she's
moving to DC to be with her hubby and to finally go to library science school.

Denise was working on her second disco sock, and be sure to check out the mate on her blog. Kim was working on the front of a tank for herself in the new Debbie Bliss cotton/silk blend.

Denise and Kim

Ingrid continued on I do/I don't for a friend's wedding, and Lynne was also working on a sock in a blueberry-purple. Check out its mate on her blog.

Ingrid and Lynne

Jennie was hemming the bottom of her lovely chocolate decadence sweater, which she has designed herself. I don't remember what Elecia was working on, but she was taking a break from a pink lacy sweater made out of kid silk haze.

Jennie and Elecia

And here are the two Grinnellian knitters. Jennie actually taught me how to knit at this extra-curricular class, and I made a hat out of Peace Fleece. That's how all Grinnellian knitters get indoctrinated into Peace Fleece yarns. Thanks everyone, for putting up with all our silly Grinnell and Wisconsin stories. I am working on the Isis wrap from Interweave Knits summer 05. I've had to rip it back three times already. Grr.

Jennie and Emily