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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tuesday Night At Sweetwaters

Tuesday Night was the night. It totally rocked. And Ingrid brought along her Mum! And it was awesome. Here they are, with Ingrid debuting "Preppy", which she had just finished seaming! It was the first official trying-on! And Ingrid's Mumw was knitting a wrap in some really great fiber she had spun herself that was a blend of merino and POSSUM!!!

AND! There was another debut when Emily showed up wearing Grace!

Check out that super-swank sweater!

And Sarah came, working on her second sock! They're so cool with that green and purple action. Hmmm...

Look, you can see the first all-done sock on the table next to her.

And Kim is plugging away on a tank ALL FOR HER! (and look how happy she is about it!)

But I totally didn't get out the camera until after Denise and Elecia had left and Libby ran away from her boring meeting and came and talked to us a bit. And I ate a big piece of Key Lime Island Cheesecake. It was tasty.

And we totally snarked all over the latest Interweave.

AND! Tomorrow, or, er, TONIGHT! Thursday! Casa Dominick's! 7ish! Sangria! Knitting! Talking smart! Be there or be sorry!


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